Testing & Evaluation

The student’s performance is rated on the basis of eight categories. His/her rating in the first five of these categories is contrasted with similar ratings assigned at the time he/she began the course.

The student’s progress or proficiency is rated on a scale of from 1 to 5 as follows:

1 = Unsatisfactory
2 = Below Average
3 = Satisfactory
4 = Good
5 = Excellent

Performance Categories

1. Comprehension
This refers to listening comprehension. Does the student understand everything he/she has learned at a normal rate of speech, or does the teacher have to repeat often or speak slowly?

2. Vocabulary
How easily does the student absorb new vocabulary and incorporate it into his/her speech patters?

3. Fluency
Does vocabulary and structure come easily to the student or is his/her speech halting?

4. Pronunciation
How good a grasp does the student have of the sound patters of the language, particularly sounds that don’t exist in his/her own language (Example: Arabic “P”). How well has he/she mastered the overall rhythm and melody of the language?

5. Grammar
How well has the student mastered the grammar taught? Must he/she be corrected frequently?

6. Homework
Has the student been doing his/her homework assignments regularly with ease and comfort?

7. Motivation
Does the student show a sincere desire to learn and has he/she made the required effort?

8. Retention
Is the student able to call on past vocabulary and structure readily when needed in classroom practice and general conversation?